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Locks on vehicle doors these days tend to be extremely intricate to prevent car thieves from getting in, or to stop them from hot wiring the car. While this is a very good thing, it may cause problems for you if you lose the keys to your car or you manage to lock yourself out of it. Community Locksmith Store is an auto locksmith service in Broadview Heights, OH that you can turn to for all your car lock-related problems and needs. We provide a 24-hour locksmithing service that is always available for help, 365 days a year.

Why is Community Locksmith Store a better choice than your vehicle dealer?

Community Locksmith Store is known in the community for being a local locksmith residents can rely on. If you want to get your car keys replaced or duplicated, you have two options: you can request your car dealer to make you new ones or you can get us to make them for you. Car dealers often have long waiting times if you need new keys made, and some also charge you extravagant amount for new keys. Community Locksmith Store, on the other hand, can make you new car keys within a few minutes, depending on your requirements. We strive to keep our service affordable without compromising on the quality of our work, and only the best materials in the market are used to make our keys.

Leave the challenges to the experts:

It takes a large amount of technical knowledge and great hand-to-eye coordination to craft new keys. It’s also not easy to open or repair locks on vehicles without causing damage to it. Community Locksmith Store is an expert auto locksmith, though, and we provide a comprehensive range of services to Broadview Heights, OH. Here is an overview of our most popular services:

  • Lockout assistance: We are always available, 24/7, if you leave your keys in your car and lock the door behind you. We can also unlock your trunk.
  • Key cutting service: We can make high-security transponder keys or make new transponder keys on site.
  • Lost key replacement: We can make new replacement keys for your car, no matter what brand or model.
  • Lock repairs and replacement: We can fix the locks on your car door or replace them with new ones.
  • Ignition repairs: We are available to replace or repair ignition switches.

For a competent and trustworthy auto locksmith, contact Community Locksmith Store on 440-387-5899