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Community Locksmith Store Broadview Heights, OH 440-387-5899Do you need new keys for your car? Your car dealer can probably make you new car keys, but it often takes ages for car dealers to actually make you new ones. It’s much easier, faster and often cheaper to get new car keys made from a professional car locksmith. Community Locksmith Store has been making car keys and providing a range of automotive locksmithing services to Broadview Heights, OH for a number of years. We use the best machinery in the market and all the latest tools to perform our locksmithing work.

Why hire our car locksmiths?

A takes a high degree of technical knowledge and expertise to make new car keys or repair or replace the locks on your car. Attempting to repair your car lock on your own following a DIY tutorial on the net is something you might regret doing, as car locks tend to have highly complex inner mechanisms that are hard to manipulate and are easy to damage. Community Locksmith Store employs a highly skilled team of locksmiths that are great at their jobs and have handled all kinds of car locks over the years. We can handle all your car-related issues in quick time, without damaging your vehicle in any way. Our services are priced affordably too, even if you want us to work for you at night.

Some of our car lock smith services include:

Emergency unlock service:

Did you go and get yourself locked out of your car? A Community Locksmith Store car locksmith can help you get back inside in no time at all. We can also make you new car keys and repair the locks on your car. We also provide emergency trunk unlock services.

Ignition services

One of the most common problems car owners experience is the ignition switch or cylinder getting jammed or broken. Community Locksmith Store can replace or repair your ignition cylinder for you, as well as make you new ignition keys. We also provide broken key extraction services, if your key has broken inside the cylinder.

Transponder key

Transponder keys have unique programmed chips that send a signal to the mechanism in your lock. If the signal doesn’t match, the car won’t start. Community Locksmith Store can make new transponder keys and program them for you. We can also replace the fob on your key, if it’s fallen off somewhere.  

Jump start car battery

Is your car refusing to start because of a dead battery? Community Locksmith Store can charge jump start the battery on your car and get it running again.

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