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Does your lock keep getting jammed, or does it take a lot of effort to get the key to turn in the lock? If so, you probably need a replacement for your lock soon. Locks tend to get worn out over time for a variety of reasons, including natural wear and tear or improper usage. A lock that isn’t working properly can be a big problem, especially as it potentially leaves your property potentially open to vandals. Community Locksmith Store is reliable locksmith in the Broadview Heights, OH are you can turn to. We get countless requests from the residents in the area for changing locks – we have the tools and the expertise to get the job done in very little time.

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Repair Vs change

First, before you request our locks changing service, your locks may not need any changing at all. Sometimes a little maintenance or the replacement of the inner mechanism suffices, and the lock may start working efficiently again. Community Locksmith Store offers lock maintenance and repair services too. We can come over to your property and take a look at your locks before suggesting a replacement. We avoid changing locks if we can – we are ethical locksmiths and don’t want to charge you more than necessary.

Need Door Lock Installation?

The most common problems we see with door locks during our work is the strike plate becoming misaligned, the frame jamb getting broken and the key jamming and sometimes getting broken inside the lock. Our trained locksmiths make short work of such problems. We can also install or replace the hardware on your door or your garage door. Apart from changing locks on your door, we can change window locks, mailbox locks and garage door locks.

Hire Community Locksmith Store for changing locks:

Community Locksmith Store is a 24-hour emergency locksmith you can contact even in the middle of the night for changing locks. We have mobile locksmith units that can reach all areas of Broadview Heights, OH in a few minutes, in most cases, so we are always available if you face a locksmithing emergency. Community Locksmith Store is also a tenant eviction locksmith. If your tenants have recently evicted your premises, we can change or rekey the locks overnight so that your new tenants can move in the very next day. Community Locksmith Store can change locks on homes, businesses and cars with equal ease.

For a professional locksmith you can trust in Broadview Heights, OH, call Community Locksmith Store now on our number: 440-387-5899!