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Community Locksmith Store Broadview Heights, OH 440-387-5899Locksmiths were traditionally tasked with creating keys, fixing broken locks, installing new ones and breaking through rusted locks and jammed doors. These days, locksmiths are expected to do all that – and more! A locksmith today has to be able to recognize a wide variety of locks, both electronic and mechanical, and has to be capable of handling the tools required to fix issues with them. A locksmith also sometimes asked to double as a security consultant and to advise home owners or businesses on their security infrastructure. Community Locksmith Store has been working as a professional locksmithing service in the Broadview Heights, OH area for almost a decade now. We provide quality locksmithing services for businesses, homes and cars.

The professional locksmiths you can rely on:

 Community Locksmith Store locksmiths are thorough professionals. We carry out extensive background checks before hiring someone for our team, to make sure they are trustworthy and have the educational qualifications necessary to perform locksmithing work. Our team is well-trained, friendly and ethical. We respect your privacy while working, so you don’t have to think twice about inviting our locksmiths into your home or office.

Specialists for specialized services:

Automotive locksmiths:

We provide a range of automotive services. We can fix the locks on your car door or trunk, as well as replace them. We provide you with new car keys on the spot. We can also repair or replace your ignition switch.

Locksmiths for homes:

Community Locksmith Store provides a number of residential locksmithing services, including fixing old locks or replacing them. We can also install locks on your mailbox, your garage or your windows.

Commercial locksmiths

Our specialist locksmiths can provide a range of commercial locksmithing services, including installing high-security locks and building master key locking systems.

24-hour locksmiths in Broadview Heights, OH area

We know that lock-related emergencies can occur at the worst possible time. Community Locksmith Store is a 24-hour emergency locksmith service that is always ready and willing to tackle your locksmithing woes, even in the wee hours of the morning. We do not charge you extra for our night work and can be trusted to solve your problem in quick time. Our mobile locksmith units can reach all areas of Broadview Heights, OH in quick time, sometimes within a handful of minutes. We also provide overnight locksmithing services. We can replace or rekey the locks on your building overnight, if that’s what you need.

To contract Community Locksmith Store’s reliable locksmithing services, call us today on 440-387-5899!