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Community Locksmith Store Broadview Heights, OH 440-387-5899Has your lock suddenly jammed or stopped working altogether? It can be frustrating to have your lock stop working when you need it the most, or if you need to get to your possessions inside. Community Locksmith Store is a professional locksmith in the Broadview Heights, OH area you can turn to for all your locksmithing needs. We can help you repair or replace the lock on your door in quick time. If you need keys duplicated, we can make you new, high-quality keys in very little time.  


Comprehensive locksmith service for vehicles

Did you lose the keys to your car or have you gone and locked yourself out of it? Community Locksmith Store is a professional automotive locksmith that can help. We will send a team over to you, as soon as you call us with your location, and we will help you resolve the problem in quick time. We can make new car keys, including high-security laser-cut keys. We can reprogram your old transponder key, too, if you need us to and replace a lost fob. We also resolve automotive lockout situations – we can get your car door or trunk unlocked in quick time.  

Locksmiths for your Residence:

Attempting DIY fixes on the locks in your home can be risky, especially if you don’t have technical expertise or the right tools for the job. The locks may get damaged or stop working entirely – it’s always safer and faster to get a professional locksmith to do the locksmithing work for you. Community Locksmith Store provides all the locksmithing services you could ever need for your home. We can help you repair or replace the lock on your home doors as well as install new locks on your mailbox, your garage or your windows.

Security for your Business:

Businesses tend to have a lot of valuable items and businesses information on their premises that need to be protected. Security needs for businesses are different than they are for homes. Community Locksmith Store is a local professional locksmith you can contact for commercial locksmithing work. We can help you ramp up the security on your business by installing high-grade locks or motion sensors. We can also replace the locks on your doors, maintain them, fix them as well as provide help in commercial lockout situations.

You can contact Community Locksmith Store for a free consultation on our number: 440-387-5899. We will have our team over to you within the hour!